Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Voice is Here

Google has now taken Grand Central and is upgrading it into Google Voice. Some of the new features are.
  • Automated voicemail transcriptions: Users can choose to receive free fully-automated transcriptions of voicemail messages that become searchable in the Google Voice inbox.
  • SMS messaging: Google Voice numbers can now accept SMS messages and forward them to your mobile device and in your Google Voice inbox and reply from either one, as well.
  • Conference calling: If you’re on the phone and get another call, you can merge them - linking up to six people on a single call.
  • International calling: Place calls from your line and pay for them using Google Checkout
  • New forwarding features: Set up custom rules that allow you to determine when and where calls are routed, forcing calls to voicemail late at night, ringing on the cell phone only during off-peak hours and at the office during work hours.
  • Gmail Contacts: Google Voice integrates contacts from the Gmail address book.
Best of all this is a free service

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